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Fimoloco is a place that hosts artistic creations of people with talent and passion. Jewelry, toys, souvenirs, decorative items and clothing made with imagination, love and aesthetics.

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From Thessaloniki, educator, clown, nature lover and craftsman


Neapolitan, cook, free agent, traveler and “artigiano” craftsman

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Our desire to decorate young and old and to inspire smiles, led us to engage in jewelry making, and decorating various items, useful and not.

Our curiosity to know new things and to cultivate our personal skills, pushed us on many creative journeys around the world. In 2010 we dropped anchor (in parts) in Paros, making Fimoloco, a space that highlights the uniqueness of the handicraft.

In our workshop-workshop all the products are handmade, made either by ourselves or by our friends and associates, with a lot of patience, love and attention to detail. Our visitors can closely observe the implementation of some creations and order personalized products.

The handmade objects enclose in them the energy of inspiration, personality, passion, devotion and the mistake of their creator. They remind us of our uniqueness as they are not always flawless like the industrialized or exactly identical ones with each other.

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